Learn How To Find and Use Her G-Spot, Her A-Spot, Her U-Spot and 
All of Her Other “ Oh My GOD Where did you learn THAT?!?” Spots.

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What’s Going On? As a service to men and women everywhere, we have recorded an information-packed CD called “6 Secrets To Becoming An Erotic Master.” This Free CD will reveal how you can transform yourself into a powerful, present, informed and attentive lover — how to be the kind of man and lover women dream about but so rarely find.
What Will You Learn From Listening 
To This 60 Minute FREE CD?
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Secret #1
Why Women Yearn To Surrender To You In The Bedroom — And How To Be The Trustable Man They’ve Been Waiting For
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Secret #2
Women Don’t Want “Sex” — They Want To Be Claimed, Led and Tenderly “Ravished” …And How To Create That Difference
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Secret #3
What Society Has Told You and Her About What An Orgasm Is –This Is Just The “Gate Opening” — and Exactly How To Take Her Bliss Deeper — Way Deeper
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Secret #4
The Exact Moment That Foreplay Begins – And How To Navigate It Through “Play” and “Afterplay” For An Unforgettable, Enduring Experience
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Secret #5
The Secrets To Helping Her Achieve An Ejaculatory Orgasm
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Secret #6
Why How You Penetrate The World, Is How You Penetrate A Woman – And Bringing Those Two Together In Integrity and Potency

Will you learn how to control and channel your bodily energy so that you can have sex for hours on end without chemical supplements? 


Will you will learn creative tongue, hand, genital, breath and other techniques that 95% of men will never know?


Will you discover how to ignite a woman’s erogenous zones in ways she’s never been lit up before?


You will learn all these things, as well as the secrets of edgy, “dirty” talk to help women release their “inner vixen” in a safe, trustworthy, sexy, and utterly surrendered way..


…this program will give you FAR MORE than that, with dozens of time-tested secrets, straight from the leading teachers of erotic mastery around today.

Why Did We Record This FREE CD?

Because almost, a decade ago, after getting out of a long, unhappy marriage, I devoted myself to rebuilding and reclaiming my life. An essential part of that journey was seeking out and learning from the best teachers of Attraction, Relationship and Sexual Skills available. I wanted to own my world. I wanted authentic confidence, based in real skills, real understanding, real growth, true practice and mastery.

You already know this: being able to connect with and share deep pleasure with women, learning how to be the kind of lover who women more than enjoy, but appreciate and trust — is a KEY LIFE SKILL every man wants.

It involves far more than just “physical technique.” It’s an emotional, mental, physical AND spiritual journey. I knew this too. 

So I apprenticed myself to sexual dakinis, to yogic goddesses, to teachers who get paid thousands of dollars to teach women how to open themselves to whole new levels of pleasure, and who teach men how to master their bodies so they can orgasm repeatedly without losing their erection. 

What I learned during this journey changed my life…

And now it’s your turn… I want to share with you what the best teachers of Erotic Skills have to offer. Not merely “where to put what” skills — but guidance into creating Deep Intimacy as well as Deep Orgasm: the experience of ecstaticSpiritual Union as well as ecstatic Physical Union – the kind of union that will utterly change your experience of who you are as a man. 

I have taken a remarkable journey with these teachers and now I want to share with you this daring, provocative, and insightful information I’ve learned from the most powerful teachers you will ever meet.


Get Your FREE ’6 Secrets To Becoming 
An Erotic Master’ CD Now!

Normally $47.00 

Act NOW While Supplies Last And It’s FREE 
(Just Cover shipping Costs)

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When you order your CD, you will receive Instant Access to Four (4) POWER bonuses worth a total of $271, including a free report, bonus audio program, and one bonus audio training from The Complete Attractor, an ongoing classroom on how to embody the powerful Masculine.
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Bonus #1: ”The One Tantra Manifesto.” Have you heard stories or rumors about “tantric sex”? About 8 hour lovemaking sessions? About Sting and his explorations? Inside this special report, you will find the way to the bliss of sexual embrace through the gift of Tantric Wisdom. You will learn why Tantra is called “the great yes” and how to live it moment to moment. You will learn the secrets of creating mystical union with your lover(s), and how to “make love” even when you’re not making love. Don’t go through life without this knowledge! (Value $97)
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Bonus #2: Bonus Audio Program – “Revolutionary Sex”, this program reveals to you how an average man can give a woman an unforgettable experience in the bedroom, how to avoid the telltale signs of sexual insecurity (the Two Traps and how to avoid them), and (for those who are interested) the secret thing to say to successfully, safely and enticingly invite a woman into experimenting with sex 
(Value $97)
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Bonus #3: 6 Secrets To Becoming An Erotic Master Weekly Training Program - When you get your CD today you’ll also receive a 14 Day Trial Membership into my In-Depth 12-Week  ”6 Secrets To Becoming An Erotic Master” Weekly Training Program, so you can learn specific mind, physical and language techniques to raise your lovemaking to true art…  Every week a new training session will be made available to you with in-depth training and discussion on each of the 6 secrets. (Value $47) 

After your 14-day trial membership is over, I will automatically charge you the lowest price that I offer our top customers: only $11.75 per week billed monthly, for just three months. In just three months you will have graduated from the Erotic Mastery Weekly Training Program! Even if you cancel your trial membership, you get to keep all of the components of the Erotic Mastery system. You will only be charged if you decide to stay on the program past the 14-day trial period.

If during the 14-day trial, or anytime thereafter, you want to cancel your membership it is no problem at all, and all you have to do is simply contact our support team at http://attractconnectinpsire.com/support or by phone at 888-947-1112. No pressure, No questions, No Hassles, cancel anytime.

Having said that, I think you will love the 6 Secrets Weekly Training Program so much, that after just one week you will surely agree.

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Bonus #4: Bonus Audio Training Program – “The Complete Attractor” The Complete Attractor will help turn you into That Man – you know, the guy who naturally allures women by dint of his speech, his bearing, his amazing tip-of-the-tongue knowledge of sensual secrets and his penetrating insight into the subtle dynamics that drive men and women together into bliss beyond common experience. That guy can be you. (Value $30)
Total Bonus Value:$271
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Here is what people are saying about this CD…
“Adam is by far the leading mentor I have now, and I have been following him for about four years after just coming off of a bad marriage and living in an area where I couldn’t meet a lot of ladies. He was the key for me in meeting my current wife and I really am not sure I would have accomplished that, had it not been for his mentorship and leadership. The reason I still follow Adam is because it helps me in my committed relationship and continues to mold my relationship with my wife in a great way!”
- Craig
The intellectual component of your material just struck me, it helps me in all areas of my life, and now I have a better understanding of what is going on with women, and the women in my life can sense that and tell that I do.
- John

This CD is sent to you FREE. All we request is that you pay $6.77 for shipping and handling.